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Our Story


Do you remember that phase when Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn t-shirts were super popular for girls of all races, ethnicities, and creeds? Marilyn was this fierce woman who defied odds to go after her dream of stardom, and Audrey being this woman who was beautiful in a way outside of the stereotypical standard of her time. They were both actresses, world changers, and early influencers because many years later girls as young as preteens in the early 2000’s were wearing shirts with their faces because they were inspired by their stories. This was my experience with fashion in middle school. I often saw these women and their quotes integrated into style, and while I thought they were great, I could not help by notice that I never saw heroines that looked like me honored in the same way. At 13, I had no idea that this observation and several others would be a catalyst for my desire to see change, but 13 years later Resilient Grace was born.



Black Women’s Stories Matter to All Women

I started this brand to inspire you to KEEP GOING. My grandmothers were not business owners. They were something more. They were hard workers, homemakers, life givers and prayer warriors, but most of all they were RESILIENT. While their stories could inspire the world, you won’t find them on the covers of magazine, but you will always find them throughout Resilient Grace branding because this brand was created to honor their strength and black women just like them who walked through adversity so that you and I could run after our dreams.



Each Resilient Grace product was created to honor a black heroine’s story who was often left out of our history books. We believe in clothes that inspire you to go after your wildest dreams and fight for change. As you shop our collections, our hope is that these stories remind you of your own resilience and strength.

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